Proper Oral Care Starts With You

Brushing and flossing keep your smile beautiful. But many people aren’t benefiting from brushing simply because they don’t use the right techniques. Don’t be among those people. It is simple to learn proper brushing techniques and prevent problems. Of course it is important to visit All Smiles Lake Jackson Dentist twice annually for general checkups in addition to proper brushing/flossing.

Brush Enough

Do you brush your teeth two times daily? Brushing in the morning and before bed removes germs and bacteria, prevents staining, and keeps your pearly white smile beautiful. Don’t skip even one brushing! Everyone must brush their teeth twice per day to keep them healthy. Take your time when brushing to ensure the best job. Two minutes brushing is the standard recommendation.

What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

To brush properly you must have the right equipment. Choose a soft-bristle or medium-bristle toothbrush and use a fluoride toothpaste. It is best that you invest in quality oral hygiene equipment. It makes a difference in the results you’ll see with your teeth. Electric and battery-operated toothbrush options provide even better plaque reduction.

Floss the Teeth

If you are not flossing already, it is time to start. Flossing reaches the spaces between the teeth and the gum line. Use about 18cm of floss, work on one tooth at a time, and always be gentle!

How do You Brush?

Hold your toothbrush at an angle so the bristles reach the area where the tooth meets the gum. Brush gently using back and forth motions. Don’t forget to brush your tongue when brushing your teeth! Fresh breath doesn’t come naturally!

Replace Your Toothbrush

A new toothbrush every three months will prevent germs from transferring to the mouth. It also reduces the odds that you won’t efficiently brush the teeth due to frayed bristles.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash freshens the breath and removes germs from the mouth. Use a fluoridated mouthwash each day to keep your mouth its healthiest. Ask your dentist for recommendations on a brand/style that will provide the best results.

Go to the Dentist

Use the oral hygiene tips above to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, discolorations, and other concerns. Additionally, schedule those bi-annual dental visits and see the dentist if you notice any signs of oral health concerns or if you experience pain that doesn’t subside with OTC pain relievers.

Know the Signs

It is fairly simple to determine that you should go to the dentist. Do not wait until the bi=annual visit to tend to the concern. Abscessed teeth, cavities, broken teeth, and pain all need immediate attention and dozens of other issues need that same care.

You get only one chance to keep your smile looking great. Don’t you want to enjoy a beautiful smile for a lifetime without the need for major dental care? It is possible to keep your teeth amazing for a lifetime if you take care of your teeth. Use the techniques above to ensure you receive the best possible oral health care.